Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Award

Thank you to Divvy for this wonderful award! ♥

I can't think of anyone at the moment who hasn't already

received this award, so I won't be passing it on, lol.



Thursday, April 23, 2009


I've been making tags in psp for several years now and have never had the desire to become a tutorial writer. Well, now I've changed my mind, but I don't want to mess with having my own site. At least not yet, so I will strictly be writing them as exclusives for my psp group PsP Punks. Anyway, I wrote the first one yesterday and got it posted in the group today. Here's a little preview for you. :)


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I've been tagged by a wonderful friend of mine Denise. :)

8 Things I am Looking Forward To:
1. Taking a cruise over the summer
2. Losing the 10 pounds I've gained
3. Finishing our home improvements
4. Paying off the last of our debt
5. Seeing New Moon when it comes out
6. Watching my oldest son's baseball games
7. Seeing my daughter start cheerleading soon
8. Going fishing again

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Made a new tag in psp
2. Read my new book
3. Watched some tv
4. Cleaned the house
5. Washed dishes
6. Did the laundry
7. Went to my son's baseball game
8. Went out to eat mexican food

8 Things I wish I could do:
1. Win the lotterly (LOL)
2. Have a maid and a cook
3. Get motivated to make scrap stuff again
4. Live in a bigger house
5. Straighten out my youngest son
6. Put a pool in the backyard (It's too small)
7. Have more patience
8. Quit smoking

8 Shows I watch:
1. House
2. Heroes
3. Supernatural
4. The Ghost Whisperer
5. Gossip Girl
6. 90210
7. CSI
8. Prison Break

8 People I Tag:
So many people have already been tagged,
so I'll have to get back to you on this one.